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COURSE: Define Your Brand | Start Up Series

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About this course

Have you seen our Define Your Brand LIVE Training Webinar? Now you can explore how to identify and solidify your clear position in the marketplace with our Define Your Brand Course.

Maybe you've got an idea and you might be ready to get going, you've looked into creating a business plan, which looks daunting, so how do you get started? The framework you'll learn here will help you get clear about your business model and who you serve. This is THE first step every start up needs before opening their doors.

In this course you will...

  • Refine your pitch so that your sales conversations are much more effective
  • Help you to target the right customers
  • Deliver what your customers really want, what they’re actually looking for and expecting
  • And it can help you to gain market share 

This course consists of a series of video lessons, comprehension quizzes, and integration exercises designed to help you implement the tools into your business. Additionally, there are 3 (optional) LIVE Training Classes that you can attend, the dates and times are listed below. Note that all live classes will be recorded and available for replay so it is not mandatory to attend them live.

Live Classes

  • Feb 21st at 3:30pm CT
  • Feb 28th at 3:30pm CT
  • Mar 7th at 3:30pm CT

Course content

Define Your Brand: Start Up Series

Defining Your Position EXERCISE

Meet the experts

Natalie Rodgers

Think Big! Program Instructor

Sandy Stewart

Think Big! Program Creator & Instructor

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