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About this course

Think Big! Program is a subscription based online learning program for the business owner that wants to become more intentional about how they are running and growing their company. 

There are 3 key topics included in the Think Big! Program:

  • Sustainable Sales
    Get more long-term value out of your sales efforts with non-traditional methods.
  • Strategic Blueprints
    Anchor company direction and determine business focus with a practical toolkit.
  • Business Foundation
    Create business efficiency and level up your people to build a business beyond yourself.

The program consists of a series of video lessons followed by quizzes to ensure comprehension as well as exercises designed to help you integrate our proven tools and methodologies into your business. Also available to you are LIVE Virtual Study Hall spaces with your fellow learners that are facilitated by a Think Big! mentor.

The lessons are compulsory and as you progress you will unlock more and more of the program. Check back in often to see what's new.

Meet the experts

Natalie Rodgers

Think Big! Program Instructor

Sandy Stewart

Think Big! Program Creator & Instructor

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